Roaring start Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB with Olaf Hussein

These are ‘the ones to watch’ during Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam

Last night Olaf Hussein’s debut launched Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB, the talent and innovation programme from FashionWeek Nederland and Vodafone. Until 14 July the Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB offers eleven fashion shows from young designers who experience their 'first' on the catwalk of Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. They are encouraged to break fashion conventions and experiment with materials, the composition of their collection and the style of their presentations. These are ‘the ones to watch' for those who want to get to know a new generation of Dutch fashion designers.

Olaf Hussein is a young Amsterdam menswear label with a clear goal: to produce top quality denim that remains close to the classic style while comprising new and modern silhouettes. The label debuted last night at Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB. By making the collection immediately available, Olaf Hussein broke an important barrier in the conventional fashion system, where much time elapses between the moment of presentation and the moment of actually being able to wear new fashion. Partner Vodafone ensured that with the mobile-responsive site and smart technology, visitors could admire and order the collection there and then.

Abundance of talent in the Tranformatorhuis
The programme in the coming days is also bursting with talented designers, for example, on Friday, 11 July with the Fashion LAB duo show from Mirte van Wijngaardenand Maaike Fransen. Mirte presents a collection about the transformation from boy to man and Maaike’s collection tells the story of disorder and compulsive collecting. Maaike comes from the Design Academy and is exemplary of the atypical approach to fashion from the Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB. Another highlight is Jonathan Christopher Homme’s presentation with his masculine silhouettes against the background of a ‘dark world’ on Sunday, 13 July. This forms a sharp contrast to the refined work of David Laport who shows feminine creations with surprising materials based on structures from the insect world. David Laport, along with the rebellious but classically styled collection from EVAN Menswear and the garden of Versailles-inspired show from the Maison the Faux, can be seen on Monday, 14 July.

Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB helps realise fashion dream
Vodafone Firsts Fashion Lab serves as a breeding ground and platform for promising fashion designers to express their creativity freely. In the programme FashionWeek Nederland and Vodafone help the new generation of designers realise their ultimate dream: becoming a successful fashion designer. Throughout the year they are given guidence through workshops, presentations and meetings and during Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam they get the chance to shine on a professional catwalk for a national and international audience. Vodafone dedicates its mobile network to increase the reach of these designers exponentially, for example by broadcasting all the shows via a live stream in the FashionWeek Nederland App.

"As Vodafone, we want to inspire people to do something for the first time aided by mobile technology. Debuting is part of our very nature: the first text message and the first mobile phone call in the world also went over our network. Now young designers have the opportunity to experience that fantastic feeling you get when you do something for the first time. We are proud to provide the new generation of designers with an on- and offline platform at the Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB." Annelies Valk, Marketing PR Manager Vodafone
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