Programme update Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam

SIS by Spijkers and Spijkers: the final addition to the programme

Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam is proud to reveal the latest update of its programme. On Saturday the 12th of July at 6 PM, Spijkers en Spijkers will present the latest collection of their label SIS by Spijkers en Spijkers. With the addition of the designer duo, the programme of the 21st edition of Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam is final.

Besides this magnificent addition, this summer edition brings other big names such as Claes Iversen, Ready to fish by ILJA and ZERO by Nanine Linning with costumes by Iris van Herpen to the catwalk. Now the entire programme has been announced, the countdown to the launch of Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam begins. On Friday, July 4, the 21st edition starts with Zalando presents 10 Days Downtown.

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About Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam
Mercedes-Benz embraces Amsterdam in the line-up of international FashionWeeks, because of its personal and outspoken character. Mercedes-Benz is all about style, design, class and innovation. The same goes for the fashion industry, and therefore the brand feels closely associated with the fashion branch both nationally and internationally. By sponsoring the major fashion weeks around the world Mercedes-Benz plays an active role in encouraging talented, innovative and ambitious designers.

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FashionWeek Nederland is the largest and fast-growing Dutch fashion platform that represents the celebration of Dutch fashion talent, the building of bridges between creativity and commerce and the search for international connection. Based on its three pillars Connect, Grow and Celebrate and its three programmes: Catwalk (Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam), OFF SCHEDULE and Fashion LAB. FashionWeek Nederland connects parties inside and outside the fashion industry, it promotes growth and development, and it celebrates all the wonderful things that the Dutch fashion has to offer in talent and creativity. FashionWeek Nederland organises activities throughout the year, focusing on fashion lovers and professionals from fashion and related industries, including designers, labels, buyers, national and international press agencies, agents, the creative industry, government and semi-government and investors. FashionWeek Nederland organises the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam twice per year: